Inspired by Opportunity

As real estate owners, we are passionate about commercial real estate and the success of our clients. We make it our business to seek out and identify exceptional, well-located investment opportunities. Often, truly outstanding investments come to us first, off-market, sourced through personal relationships and our extensive network of professionals. And because we’re on the ground, consistently evaluating local trends and evolving market needs, when opportunity knocks, we’re ready.

At Inside Edge, we look for properties with value waiting to be unlocked through operating efficiencies, improved leasing, asset repositioning and redevelopment. We back this market-savvy strategic thinking with the expertise and experience to research, plan and realize value-enhancing strategies that are key to successful investment outcomes.

Our dedicated team has worked alongside private and institutional investors, pension funds, investment managers, family offices and REITS. Our people have experience from some of the largest global financial and real estate firms resulting in smart, forward-looking investment decisions. Our underwriting process weights risk tolerance with potential returns and investment decisions are based on extensive market research and sensitivity analysis. Combined, our expertise, experience and processes, allow us to realize the full potential of each investment.

Extraordinary Ottawa

Smart, diverse and growing fast, the Ottawa region has taken its place among the most attractive cities in Canada. This capital city of more than one million inhabitants is the home of the federal government and offers a wide range of services and high-quality cultural attractions. Nature lives here—thriving in abundant parkland, including a major national park, right on the city’s doorstep. Gorgeous waterfront views are everywhere in the city where three rivers meet. The world heritage site Rideau Canal in the heart of downtown Ottawa is a major attraction, summer and winter. Quietly, under the radar of many global real estate investors, the Ottawa region offers an exceptional opportunity to invest in a rapidly evolving market.

Inside Edges’ roots are in this city—and we’re happy to guide investors entering Ottawa’s commercial real estate market. We know this market and understand the drivers moving up-and-coming neighbourhoods. We also know the local economy and have guided successful investments through multiple real estate cycles. Planning to invest in the Ottawa region? Talk to us first.