Proactive service for worry-free ownership

Inside Edge’s dedicated property management team delivers peace of mind. We safeguard and enhance your property’s value and address tenant needs promptly. Our integrated platform eliminates the barriers to successful commercial property management by taking on all aspects of day-to-day operations. A focused and uncompromising approach to service ensures that maintenance and repairs are timely. We capitalize on opportunities to reduce operating costs and respond promptly to any issues that arise.

Technology makes our forward-looking service possible. At Inside Edge, an advanced integrated platform keeps the property management team informed at all times and provides tenants with instant access to support. In most cases, our service model anticipates and addresses problems before they occur, streamlining the commercial property management experience.

What We Do:

  • Conduct regular on-site inspections of your property
  • Keep your property in exceptional condition by establishing a preventative maintenance program and handling all required maintenance
  • Manage all leasehold improvements
  • Tender, review, and implement service contracts
  • Prepare operational reports and financial statements
  • Identify cost-savings by reviewing operating contracts and tenders, and implementing energy-management systems
  • Handle relations with tenants, including lease administration and rent collection
  • Manage property insurance requirements
  • Handle warranty issues
  • Liaise with professionals (accountants and tax advisors, lawyers, engineers) and federal, provincial and municipal governments on issues affecting your property