Privacy Policy

Inside Edge Properties Ltd. (hereafter known as Inside Edge), by virtue of the professional services it provides, recognizes the individuals and clients need for privacy, security and confidentiality in all areas of our activity. This Policy intends to demonstrate our commitment to comply with the Canadian Privacy Act and to the needs of our clients.

As the privacy act is a new and evolving law it is our intent to keep up with changes to the act as it is modified by the Authorities, over time.

The purpose of the privacy statement is to inform our client of the nature of personal or corporate information that Inside Edge, collects, uses and discloses.

What personal and corporate information
do we collect, retain or disclose?

Any recorded information on an identifiable person or Corporation that is received in correspondence, telephone conversations, voice mail or e-mail pertaining to an existing contract with our clients or suppliers or one that is in the process of negotiation.

For Individuals (Client or agent) May include personal information such as: names of an individuals, place of residence, contact information including mailing address, billing address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, personal history including financial or credit information, personal information as to Corporate involvement and security clearances.

For Corporate clients The following may be kept in our files. Corporate name of a client’s suppliers organization or their agents, place of business, business phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, contract information, sales research information, billing, service contracts and credit information.

We do not sell client lists or other personal information.


A “cookie” is a small file containing information that is placed on a user’s computer by a web server. Typically, these files are used to enhance the user’s experience of the site, to help users move between pages in a database, or to customize information for a user.

Cookie data is not used in any way that would disclose personally identifiable information to outside parties unless Inside Edge is legally required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.

To whom may we disclose your Personal Information?

Our office understands the importance of protecting your personal information. To enable us to more efficiently provide the services you have requested from us Inside Edge may share your personal information with selected third parties who are acting on our behalf as agents, suppliers or service providers. Such third party service providers are provided only with such information as necessary in the circumstances. Information provided to third parties may be used only for the purpose stipulated and is subject to strict terms of confidentiality.

When and how do we obtain your consent?

Except when otherwise permitted by law, we obtain the required consent prior to collecting or prior to using your personal information for any purpose. If we change the purpose for collecting your information we will advise you accordingly. When your consent was given, you can withdraw consent at any time upon advising us with 30 days notice.

What safeguards have we implemented
to protect your personal information?

Inside Edge has committed to the safe handling and storage of personal or corporate information, appropriate to the sensitivity of the information to protect it from loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.