Accurate, timely and decision-ready

Inside Edge’s financial and accounting experts offer a complete range of services aimed at ensuring profitable operations and streamlining ownership. We develop your operating budget and keep it on track through regular reporting. As well, through an ongoing review of your financial statements, we research and highlight opportunities to increase efficiencies and maximize your return on investment. Our experience enables us to evaluate the details, regularly reassess contracts and tenders, monitor capital costs, track accounts receivable and payable, manage bank accounts and taxation issues, and much more.

Our management platform was built to respond to the complexities of every investment we take on. Integrating service and maintenance requirements and reporting with tenant support plus a full spectrum of financial reporting options, this tool provides investors with information at any level of required detail.

What We Do:

  • Prepare an annual operating budget, including short- and long-term financial projections
  • Track operating results through regular financial reporting
  • Review operations regularly to maximize revenues and reduce expenses
  • Review contracts and tenders
  • Monitor capital costs
  • Track accounts receivable and payable
  • Prepare draft year-end financial statements for audit purposes
  • Monitor property taxes
  • Establish and maintain bank accounts
  • Administer leases to ensure tenant payments are accurate and on time
  • Watch for warning signs of tenant default