Recent Closings in Ottawa (Part 1/2)

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There is some disappointing news from Ottawa as 5 businesses were not able to get through January in Ottawa, and closed their doors permanently. Stay tuned for part 2/2 however, as we will discuss the recent openings in the Nations Capital.



Elgin Sports, which operated for 70 years selling sporting goods announced it will be permanently closing. Elgin Sports is on the corner of Albert and Bank Street and is currently holding a liquidation sale.

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Kaleidoscope Kids, Ottawa’s children’s bookstore is turning the page after a decade of operations. This Bank Street store in the Glebe was Ottawa’s only children’s bookstore. The company waited out the Lansdowne redevelopment to gauge it’s impacts, but as sales did not increase, the decision to close was made for them.

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Frescos Bistro and Guest Room cocktail lounge closed its only remaining location on 354 Elgin St. The curtains closed on it’s previous location on Hazeldean Road earlier in the month. This eatery had been established in 1991.

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HMV is closing all of it’s 102 Canadian stores after 30 years, but this was foreseen by many. HMV was losing $100,000 per day in Canada and racked up $39M in debt. HMV USA has been closed for a long time.

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Don Cherry’s at 540 Hunt Club rd. closed its doors after increased costs and waning foot traffic. There is still a Don Cherry’s open in Kanata which is expected to remain open. This recent closing in Nepean is the 3rd Don Cherry’s to have closed.

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While Ottawa will surely miss these 5 businesses, there is also some exciting new openings to look forward to. Stay tuned for those shortly in part 2/2.

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