A New Year’s resolution for the busy professional


According to research just published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, “losing weight” is the most popular New Year’s resolution, year in and year out. “Getting organized,” “spending less,” “enjoying life to the fullest” and “staying fit” round out the top five.

Ask a dentist, doctor, lawyer, accountant or other busy professional who also happens to own a residential or commercial investment property and I would bet that “finding time to focus on my real job” would easily crack the top five, if not the number one spot.

Who has time to deal with broken pipes and wonky elevators when you have a waiting room full of patients or a roster of anxious clients who need tax advice or legal assistance?

Perhaps you need to hire a property management company.

Property managers can save you time and money, especially since they can ensure you have good financial processes in place that allow you to plan ahead. They can also save you a pile of stress.

Cleaning, repairs and preventative maintenance and finding reliable contractors to do it all? Not your problem. Knowing rent values and vacancy factors and understanding lease agreements? Not your concern. Spending time collecting rent cheques, performing move-in and move-out inspections and making sure tenants abide by the terms of a lease? A thing of the past–your property manager can handle it all.

The biggest benefit of all, however, is that while a property manager looks after–and protects–your investment for your future, you can focus on your real job, the one that pays the rent, today.


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