Inside Edge Properties delivers next generation commercial real estate thinking,
backed by 30 + years experience in the Ottawa region.

Our team of specialized professionals has the experience, the knowledge and the highly skilled network to supply comprehensive commercial property management support and unparalleled customer service.
Our reputation? It’s all about hard work, integrity, expertise, and a rock solid commitment to customer satisfaction. We’re proud to be a long-standing and trusted service provider to many of the region’s most successful commercial real estate owners and tenants.


Inside Edge provides effective professional property management for commercial office space, street-level and mixed-use retail space, shopping plazas and light industrial space.

Count on Inside Edge to preserve and enhance your property’s value. Our drive for continuous improvement and passion for service have made us the property manager of choice with major local, national and international clients.

Inside Edge


David Hunter


A licensed engineer and certified project manager, David is a “big picture” manager who never loses sight of the details. With a bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, David has been, and continues to be, instrumental is overseeing the company’s operational activities, service delivery and construction projects. At Inside Edge, David helped pioneer advanced tenant services and client-reporting capabilities. Today, he lends his considerable expertise in the areas of business development and acquisitions. Prior to joining the company, David spent time with a local engineering firm, leaving his mark on a number of landmark projects in the National Capital Region.


Taylor Hunter


Taylor’s strategic insight and superior management skills allow him to effectively oversee the company’s expanding commercial real estate portfolio that totals more than 1.5 million square feet of office, retail and light-industrial space. His ability to think critically and realize innovative opportunities has also resulted in success in other areas of the company’s business, including leasing, business development, acquisitions and corporate communications. Licensed to trade real estate in Ontario, Taylor is a graduate of Carleton University, where he focused on business law.

Scott Broderick
Scott BroderickGeneral Manager, NewCap Radio
We are in a building owned and managed by Inside Edge Properties. After our first 10-year lease was up, we were quick to sign another one as we have been very pleased with the company’s approachability, responsiveness and overall professionalism. If asked, we would say Inside Edge is a first rate landlord committed to its tenants’ satisfaction.
Joel Lalonde
Joel LalondePresident and CEO, Your Credit Union Cooperative Banking
As well as being reliable and accessible property managers, Inside Edge can also manage construction and renovation projects, something they have done successfully for us. For building owners, this one-stop shop approach is very helpful. I would highly recommend Inside Edge as both property managers and project managers.
Dennis A. Weiss
Dennis A. WeissPresident, EWA-Canada
We have large labs where we conduct IT and security testing and temperature fluctuations are a real concern for us. In the four years we’ve been here, Inside Edge has always been responsive when these issues come up—as they inevitably do, especially when the seasons change. Very professional, they are good property managers and I am pleased to recommend them.
Barry MacDonald
Barry MacDonaldInvestor
Inside Edge brings superior knowledge and resources to the table that other property managers just don't offer.
Ron Jack
Ron JackVice President, Transportation - Manager of Operations Parsons
It's been great doing business with Inside Edge. When the ownership of our current location changed about five years ago, Inside Edge became responsible for the management of the facilities. No matter what the issue, they are always very responsive.In my experience, I would have to say that Inside Edge is more attentive and personal compared to other larger management groups. They take a very professional and thorough approach to ensure we have a great working environment.
Gilles Archambault
Gilles ArchambaultDirector Real Property - QCC
We began working with Inside Edge in late 2009 when they were tasked with helping us evaluate and purchase a $50+-million property. Since then, they've managed a re-fit and relocation, found us long-term tenants, prepared a land-development proposal and managed several renovation projects. Inside Edge has been responsive and adaptable to our needs and their knowledge of the industry and region has been invaluable.
Scott Broderick
Scott BroderickGeneral Manager, NewCap Radio
It was made crystal clear to us recently when a building expansion was planned that Inside Edge was genuinely concerned about our well being as tenants. Because we broadcast 24/7, ambient noise could have been a real issue during construction.Although, in the end it, never went ahead, when it looked like it would, Inside Edge kept us in the loop ever step of the way. Management was obviously prepared to find a way to mitigate the potential issue for us. That’s why, when our 10-year lease was up, we did not hesitate to sign a new one.
Joel Lalonde
Joel LalondePresident and CEO, Your Credit Union Cooperative Banking
We’ve been very happy with the property-management services we’ve received from Inside Edge. They have the technology in place to give us the financial reports we need and the people on site to give us the services we require—and the response times are fantastic. At the end of the day, they are great partners.
Devin Hastie
Devin HastieDistrict Sales Manager Labatt Breweries of Canada
When we renewed our lease two years ago we had changing requirements for our office space. Working with Taylor (Hunter) and his team, we were able to forgo a general contractor and work with someone we trusted who understood our needs.Taylor and his team were diligent and unbiased in getting the work done for us; we received multiple quotes and we always knew that Taylor was looking out for our best interests. Ultimately we were able to come in under budget and get a very high-quality renovation with very little stress.I'd highly recommend Inside Edge. They really care about their tenants.
Frank Wilson
Frank WilsonPattison Outdoor Advertising
We've been an Inside Edge tenant for over five years and have just signed a renewal on our lease. Over the last five years, Inside Edge has been a fantastic landlord. They are an extremely responsive organization and they clearly appreciate their customers.Every encounter I've had with Inside Edge has been very professional and it is obvious that they are very knowledgeable and very capable at what they do.
Emilio Granata
Emilio GranataSt. John's Music
I have the unique perspective of having been a landlord and as a current tenant of Inside Edge I am very satisfied with Taylor and his team.Like all properties, we've had issues with our building; these are normal events. Where Inside Edge is unique is that these potential headaches have been dealt with efficiently and very effectively. They have a well-established network of suppliers whose workmanship is top quality.Inside Edge has also provided us with excellent service. They know what they're doing; they do it well and with obvious pleasure. I would definitely recommend Inside Edge.