6 Reasons Local Businesses LOVE the ByWard Market


When people think of Ottawa, they usually talk about the ByWard Market, it’s become synonymous with having a good time in the capital. An area attracting over 50,000 visitors per weekend, and home to over 600 businesses, it’s easy to see why!

Even on sleepy Ottawa days, the market is always thriving. As a business owner, setting up shop in such a historic, lively area may just be a perfect fit. Here are a few reasons why you might just fall in love with this enchanting community!

  1. There’s not a bad view in sight.One of the best things about working in the market are the views. Sometimes, it’s fun to gawk at the historic buildings around you and imagine what things were like when it was first built, other times, it’s entertaining to gaze at people passing by, nose in a map, or soaking in the sights for the first time.

    Late days at the office are tough, but nothing beats watching the sunset or rise over the opulent heritage buildings!

  2. You’re reasonably close to most places in the city.Have a business meeting or lunch scheduled in downtown Ottawa? Sparks Street is just a 20 minute walk! Need to cross the bridge to the Quebec side? Don’t sweat it, you’re a quick drive away.

    The ByWard Market is bordered by Centretown, Sandy Hill, and Lowertown, which, if you live in the area, makes for a reasonably stress-free commute. Say farewell to that dreaded highway rush hour!

  3. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables anytime.Planning on creating a culinary masterpiece for dinner, but missing a couple of key ingredients? Skip the supersized grocery stores and buy fresh organic produce straight from the source.

    There are over 260 stands to choose from on a daily basis, offering everything from sticky maple syrup to spicy wild garlic, all imported that morning by local farmers.

  4. Impress prospects and partners by inviting them to enjoy a business lunch or coffee in a spectacular setting.There are so many incredible options in the ByWard Market to where you can wow connections and acquaintances. There’s a café or lounge for virtually every taste and style.

    Get cozy with an artisanal hot chocolate and watch the snow fall from the window of Cacao 70 , get your hair coiffed while enjoying a café mocha at HQ, or go for luxury with a craft cocktail in Andaz’s rooftop bar, Copper Spirits and Sights.

    Did we mention that the new Starbucks ByWard Market location is one of the only Canadian locations that is able to serve beer and wine?

  5. The business community is incredibly tight-knit.People that work or live in the ByWard Market love the ByWard Market. It’s not uncommon for a long time business owner to be able to recite the entire history of the buildings in the area, rhyming off the list of businesses that have come and gone. Because each business is a stone’s throw away from another, you quickly get to know your neighbours and their services.

    The ByWard Market BIA is super involved in the community and regularly hosts events that bring businesses together, further helping to establish a support system around you!

  6. You have plenty of breakfast and lunch options.One of the very best things about working in the ByWard Market are the food options. Everything you could possibly want to eat is within walking distance.

    Not only do you have the ByWard Market square, home of local favourites like Le Moulin de Provence, Shafali Bazaar, and Corazon de Maiz, but there are loads of palette delighting options on every block!


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